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Interactive performance: My Tongue Softens on the Other Name

Event in the context of exhibition Re(as)sisting Narratives:

Open and interactive performance where artists, cultural performers and thinkers reflect on Re(as)sisting Narratives through taking inspiration from a poem by Gabeba Baderoon. My Tongue Softens on the Other Name plays with themes of desire, intimacy and healing.

Guests Patricia Kaersenhout, Simone Zeefuik, Barby Asante and Happy Kinyili will bring an intervention, performance or reading to the space. My Tongue Softens On The Other Name invites to rethink how we make sense of space and time within the exhibition space. Through the use of words, art, ritual and performance, new narratives and fragments of past and present are woven into future perspectives.

This event is curated by Chandra Frank and hosted by Framer Framed.