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Pushing the Boundaries in Art

What does feminist art practice mean today? 

Since the 1960s especially, women active in the arts field in The Netherlands have been firmly establishing their own subjectivity and forms of expression. As discussions on colonial history and the importance of intersectionality in feminism have become more pressing, a space has emerged in which narratives are challenged and (public) memory is questioned. A new generation of feminist artists and cultural producers, following the archival turn in feminism in the 1990s, are increasingly embracing the archive in art practices. How do they use art as a means to insert themselves in and propose new art historical narratives? In what ways do they appropriate historical narratives to present new perspectives through the arts? What are the institutional barriers they experience within the arts field today, and what role can the institutions themselves play in changing the status quo? 

This evening we enter in dialogue with three women active in the arts field that are claiming their own place in tradition and history. We examine how new perspectives are forged and new subjects are made. 

This event takes place at Atria. Entrance is free, please sign up via 

Start program: 20:00

Doors open: 19.30

Drinks from 22:00-23:00


Speakers: Iris Kensmil, Chandra Frank, Elizabeth Kleinveld

Moderator: Esther Captain