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Queer Bodies at UAL by Shades of Noir

“Queer black and Brown bodies are under threat. Everyday becomes a battle of survival for queer folks of colour, but our bodies are also under the threat of not surviving history. The history of queerness in Eastern cultures is either erased or has often been misrepresented. Our lives have always been appropriated by mainstream media. It has become a belief that queer bodies of colour are a myth, that queerness is only the result of influences of the Western world, however queer bodies of colour have always existed, if you look closely enough there are traces of them left in art-works and poetry, proving that our ancestors may have experienced the world in a similar way to the way we experience it today. Queer bodies will continue to live in power, but how can we make our mark on history? Can art and activism be a proof of our existence?” - Katy Jalili, Event Lead